2017 Bermuda Heroes Weekend
Parade of Bands

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About Us

 A star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually reverts back to its original intensity. 

NOVA Mas International currently holds the 2016 BHW BAND OF THE YEAR title! NOVA is committed to provide an exceptional Bermuda Heroes Weekend experience to local and visiting millennials. During 2017, our band will continue to live true to its name and deliver experiences so outstanding that our light will radiate beyond the boundaries of normality! Simply put, masqueraders will be introduced to a new element and world when playing with NOVA; a world where VIVID dreams rival limits of REALITY!

NOVA’s diverse team is comprised of educated, talented, dedicated and experienced individuals who are known for producing first class quality events both locally and internationally. The team endeavors to provide a quality experience that aligns with the Bermuda Heroes Weekend brand, while remaining culturally and authentically rich and displaying the best we have to offer as an island!

Our Ethos


  • We are committed to highlighting, preserving and portraying the culture and arts of Bermuda. Our band is inspired by authentic Trinidad carnival traditions yet celebrates Bermuda’s local heritage and culture.
  • Through our creative and artistic expression, we effectively fuse an explosion of bright colors, costumes, food and carnival's music & dance.


  • NOVA emphasizes the value of unity. We fuse and connect aspects from all demographics, radiating an aura of harmony, entertainment and fulfillment.
  • Our band fosters an opportunity for masqueraders to discover similarities and simultaneously celebrate the differences among us all.


  • The atmosphere of rapture and NOVA’s vibrant island rhythm will foster a wave of energy amongst masqueraders and spectators alike. The overall vibe and rhythm of our Mas will be a festive celebration, merging modern day beats with an eruption of fantasy energy.
  • We promote individuality and our band facilitates the prime opportunity to illustrate dynamic self-expression. – A true celebration of life!
NOVA invites you to EXPLORE the depths of your imagination; DREAM the impossible; DISCOVER your greatness!
We present our 2017 theme VIVID: Explore.Dream.Discover, inspired by natural world wonders.

Section Inspirations

AURORA inspired by the Northern Lights
Section designed by: Designing Daryl

"Dreams give wings to the mind and flight to the imagination!" Live on the edge, light up your life. EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet, AURORA!

BAHARI inspired by the Great Barrier Reef
Section designed by: Marie Collette

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless!" Turn coastal, dive deep and embody the vibrant life of the UNDERWORLD. EXPLORE diversity through the depths, dream deeper than the ocean, DISCOVER a new element of freedom. Be free, be BAHARI!

ANASAZI inspired by The Grand Canyon
Section designed by: David Dewer

"The REAL voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes!" EXPLORE beyond the periphery, dare to DREAM, DISCOVER a new world! Be BOLD, be MONUMENTAL! Thrive on the history and culture of an ANASAZI: Rule the ROAD and feel EMPOWERED!

HADARAH inspired by The Crystal Caves
Section designed by: Shawn Dhanraj

"EXPLORE the depths of your imagination, DREAM the impossible, DISCOVER your greatness!" Indulge in rarity, dazzle in YOUR reflection, embrace the beauty that lies within! Our SUPERNOVA section is reflective of a jewel box hidden beneath Bermuda's surface. Resilience at its finest and adorned with beauty, HADARAH!

The overall vibe and rhythm of our Mas will be a festive celebration, merging modern day beats with an eruption of fantasy energy.
Our Elite line up of talent includes:

DJ Puffy

DJ Puffy was recently crowned the Red Bull Thre3style Champion in Santiago, Chile! He has evolved as one of the most in-demand DJs in the Caribbean and across its diaspora in the UK, US and Canada. Having mastered radio and the club before exiting his teen years, this unique entertainment icon is unquestionably a prodigy. DJ Puffy holds residency at Sugar Ultra Lounge, as well as, a high-energy evening slot on Slam 101.1 FM (Barbados).

His resume includes nearly every major event to hit Barbados in recent times. His audiences have included Amber Rose, J. Cole, Jeremih, Shontelle and Rihanna to name a few. Not only has he played for an A-list crowd but he has also opened for many of them, such as UK duo, Chase and Status, Omarion and Rick Ross.

DJ Puffy is amped to return to Bermuda, bringing his high energy and versatility on the road with NOVA!

DJ Chubb
NOVA’s Anchor DJ

Marcus George also known as DJ Chubb is one of the most Versatile DJ's in the modern era. Entertaining crowds in Bermuda for the past 16 years Chubb has worked his way to the top as one of the more influential DJ's on the island. Coming from a background of Caribbean roots, DJ Chubb has been engrossed in Caribbean music and culture all his life.

DJ Chubb has made massive strides as a morning show host on Vibe 103 FM, Bermuda's only energy station. He's constantly looking to evolve as DJ and looks to inspire whenever he can. He has played at nearly every major event on island (Bermuda), including the 2016 America’s Cup World Series, Soca vs Reggae and numerous concerts and parties.

As NOVA’s anchor DJ, Chubb is ready to drop the hits and pull out those throwbacks to give you a blast on the road!

Riggo Suave: The Stage God
(New York)

"International Event Damaging Caribbean DJ"

Not only is he displaying his craft locally in NYC but he is even traveling to various carnivals; Miami, Trinidad, Bermuda, and Barbados, to name a few; spreading his style of DJing. He has climbed his way into the ranks of highly recognized international DJs across the world and most recently the newest member of Da Union Entity.

Earning the respect and recognition of his talents by well known artists, is only the icing on the cake. Being deemed "The Stage God" is much more than a nickname. He demands the attention of the crowd and in return delivers an adrenaline rush that leaves listeners wanting more by the end of his segment. His journey began many years ago but is surely far from its end.

NOVA Masqueraders get ready to witness Riggo's energy on the road!

The Freshmen

The Freshmen represent style, class, and versatility. This dynamic trio prevails out of Toronto, Canada, with a focus on creativity through their roots and love for carribean genres and top 40 hits. The Freshmen have spent endless time developing their sound and brand to expand internationally. They have a history of performing in Trinidad and the Cayman Islands during Carnival festivities. This charismatic team thrives to deliver a full unique performance while creating a memorable experience for all!

Bermuda it's all about The Freshmen!!

Dr. Jay

When it comes to Canada’s Caribbean music scene, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With his vast musical talents and ongoing recognition for his experience in building Soca’s nightlife culture over the past 25 years of his career, ‘De Soca Prince’ is undisputed as the nation’s #1 Soca DJ. He hosts and produces ‘Soca Therapy’ (a show he started more than a decade ago!) on CHRY 105.5FM, and during that time this ground-breaking show is consistently rated as one of the top-rated weekly shows on the commercial FM dial.

Dr. Jay’s skills have taken the sweet sounds of the Caribbean worldwide audience, from Hong Kong to New York to England and back to the islands of the Caribbean. He has worked with some of Soca’s biggest stars, such as Machel Montano, Destra, and Patrice Roberts, and has also produced hit records for Skinny Fabulous, Edwin Yearwood and Lil’ Bitts, to name a few.

Dr. Jay was recently named as the Soca music ambassador for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival (formerly known as Caribana). Dr. Jay performs in front of thousands of sell out crowds all year round at his signature events such as Doh Cry Ah Leavin, Big People Fete, J’Ouvert, Return Fete, Soca or Die, and Best Fete Forever.

Dr. Jay’s brand is synonymous with Soca and Calypso on an international level. He is ready to give NOVA Masqueraders a true carnival experience!

Play Nova

Masqueraders will be introduced to a new element and experience when playing with NOVA; an ultimate carnival experience that will complement what Bermuda Heroes Weekend has come to be known for in addition to creating individual and lasting memories! Celebrate Life, Play NOVA!

What to expect on the road:

  • Snacks
  • Meal
  • NOVA Fuel Stations
  • Unlimited Water / Non-alcoholic beverages*
  • NOVA Swag Bag (filled with Carnival essentials)
  • Private Security Team
  • On-Site Medical Team
  • NOVA Paparazzi
  • Premier Quality Sound System
  • Elite DJ line-up
  • You, Your Selected NOVA Costume and Your ‘Circle of Friends’
*BHW Ltd holds the only liquor license for the Parade of Bands. Unfortunately we cannot provide alcohol for our masqueraders; BHW Ltd will have alcoholic beverages on sale during the Parade of Bands.

Masqueraders Benefit Card

This is what’s up: Registered NOVA Masqueraders will be given a benefit card for their participation with NOVA Mas International for the 2017 Bermuda Heroes Weekend—Parade of Bands. With this card members would enjoy specified perks on products and/or services from participating establishments. This would only be valid for a specific timeframe.

The benefit card will be made available for collection at our Mas Camp prior to the start of the benefit window. Note the benefit card will only be issued to Masqueraders whose costumes have been paid in full.


Up for the challenge? Join Us: Document your own fitness journey using the hashtag #NOVAFIT

Designed with your well-being in mind, we’ve partnered with some of Bermuda’s top fitness gurus who are committed to getting you ready for the road! As a NOVA Masquerader you will enjoy access to preferred rates on classes, group or personal training sessions.
NOVAFit Package - Benefits for registered masqueraders:
  • 2 free BodyPump classes/month at Beyond Lucky with instructor Kyle James. (Sign up mandatory, spaces are limited).
  • 2 F3 spin sessions/ month at Beyond Lucky with instructor Jasmine Desilva for $15. (Sign up mandatory, spaces are limited).
  • Discounted Bootcamp sessions with Kyle James
  • Discounted F3 dance class card
  • Discounted rates at Energize Wellness Solutions

Other Amazing NOVA Packages!

We have the following available:
  • Couples Package
  • Circle of Friends Package
  • Corporate Package
  • Student Package
  • International All Inclusive Package

Email info@novamasintl.com for more details

Parties, Events & Exclusives

  • MakeUp 2 Wukup: Part Deux - May 2017
  • Bacchanal Brunch - Info coming soon
  • A Call 2 Sunrise - Info coming soon
  • SocaBowl - Info coming soon
  • And more! Stay tuned for more details!

international Visitors


  • Q: Does NOVA have a Mas Camp?

    A: Yes, most definitely! When we say we’re here to give you Bermuda’s ultimate carnival experience, we mean it! A Mas Camp is a key factor in an authentic carnival experience and we are committed to providing that atmosphere for our masqueraders, designer, assemblers, etc. NOVA’s Mas Camp location is The Grand, located at 39 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.

  • Q: What are the Mas Camp’s opening hours?

    A: NOVA’s Mas Camp is open on Saturday's between 10:00am – 12:00pm. Hours will increase closer to Carnival. Mas Camp times and dates will always be communicated to masqueraders via email and NOVA’s social media platforms.

  • Q: Who is Premier Market?

    A: Premier Market is a sister company to Premier Tickets (Ptix), Bermuda’s largest online event and ticketing agent. Premier Market and Ptix are powered by Fireminds Ltd., a Bermudian owned, Bermuda based full suite IT solutions company.

  • Q: When will I receive my NOVA Masquerader’s card?

    A: The benefit card will be made available for collection at our Mas Camp prior to the start of the benefit window. Note the benefit card will only be issued to Masqueraders whose costumes have been paid in full.

  • Q: Can I order extra items with my costumes?

    A: Of course! We have a variety of add-on options available; ranging from standard add-on options including boy shorts, to additional pieces such as feathered headpieces, feathered foot pieces, male’s t-shirt/tank, NOVA Mas snapback etc. These items will be indicated as an add-on option where applicable along with respective cost.

  • Q: If I give one of my extra items (such as a male t-shirt, tank or snapback) to a friend, can they play Mas?

    A: No. Only masqueraders with a NOVA wristband will be permitted to play Mas with NOVA. Your costume is not complete without a NOVA-issued wristband; masqueraders not wearing their wristband will be removed from the band. T-shirt option packages will be made available for purchase at a later date.

  • Q: Can I get a refund for my costume deposit for any reason?

    A: No. Deposits/payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • Q: I’m unable to collect my costume; can another person collect on my behalf?

    A: Yes, the person collecting the costume on your behalf must be provided with a signed letter by you authorizing the new owner to collect the costume on your behalf, and accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID. Alternatively, the original owner can send an authorization email to info@novamasintl.com from the email address attached to their costume.

  • Q: I’ve purchased a costume from another masquerader. How do I transfer the costume to my name?

    A: NOVA does not facilitate costume transfers. Please ensure you receive a letter from the original costume owner authorizing you to collect on their behalf.

  • Q: When do I collect my costume?

    A: The costume distribution schedule will be communicated in a variety of ways. The schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders, posted to our website and also noted on our social media platforms. Different costume styles and packages will have different distribution dates.

    If you miss your costume collection date, you may collect on any other noted date however priority will be given to those individuals collecting on their designated day.

  • Q: How can I pay for my costume?

    A: NOVA accepts Cash at Mas Camp location (opening days/hours noted above); and online via Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX). Cheques are not accepted for payment.

  • Q: What is Fast Track service?

    A: Fast Track is a priority service offered by NOVA which allows masqueraders who have paid for their costumes in full to benefit from a minimal wait time when collecting their order/costumes. As such, top priority is given in the costume collection process for any Fast Track persons.

  • Q: Are costume payment plans available?

    A: Yes, we’ve got you covered! Payment plans will be made available; but 50% of the costume must be paid by 24th March 2017. Costumes must be paid in full prior to collection, and can be paid for in-house immediately before collecting the costume (Cash). Masqueraders can also make advance payments at NOVA’s Mas Camp (cash only) and online via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX).

  • Q: Can I get frontline pieces with my backline costume?

    A: Frontline costume pieces are not an option for backline purchase.

  • Q: Am I able to request a customized NOVA costume option?

    A: Yes. Note that this offering is available at a premium and will be limited to a certain amount of requests. Please email info@novamasintl.com if you’re interested.

  • Q: What do I collect on my distribution date?

    A: You will receive your costume, a NOVA Swag Bag, filled with carnival essentials & a NOVA Wristband. Your costume is not complete without a NOVA issued wristband; masqueraders not wearing their wristband will be removed from the band.

  • Q: What is the location of the Parade of Bands and at what time does Mas begin?

    A: We are currently awaiting final details from BHW Ltd. (Bermuda Heroes Weekend organizing committee). We will provide an update to all masqueraders on the pertinent information and logistics of the parade.

  • Q: Are alcoholic beverages included in my registration?

    A: BHW Ltd holds the only liquor license for the Parade of Bands. Unfortunately we cannot provide alcohol for our masqueraders; BHW Ltd will have alcoholic beverages on sale during the Parade of Bands. Please note, however, we can facilitate advance drink ticket purchases for you upon request.

  • What information will be required for registration?

    A: ALL masqueraders must provide the following information for registration:

    General Information
    • Full Name
    • Age
    • Date of Birth
    • Email Address (1 per masquerader)
    • Phone Number (including area code)
    • Meal Preference: Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian, Vegan
    • Any known food allergies
    • Bra Size
    • Bottom Style: Bikini or thong (boy shorts an add-on option)
    • Bottom Size
    • Pant Size (waist)
  • Q: What happens if I input inaccurate information into the registration system?

    A: We require you to be as accurate as possible. After registration there will be neither size/costume changes nor amendments to the registration information. Changes will not be accommodated.

  • Q: Who should I contact if I’m interested in providing a product, service and/or becoming a sponsor of NOVA?

    A: Please email us with your proposal at info@novamasintl.com.

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